The Beach incorporates details in its designs to make you feel special and beautiful at all times. We are constantly striving to help every woman embrace their personal style and feel confident in themselves. With The Beach, you will stand out everywhere!

The Beach

Our story

Hello! We are The Beach, a beachwear brand based in Bursa. We design our own products and offer high-quality items. As a team specialized in beachwear, we draw inspiration from Bursa’s rich textile tradition and bring our creative vision to life. Bursa is one of Turkey’s leading centers for production, and we carry on this rich heritage. We manufacture our own designs in Bursa, using quality fabrics to provide our customers with unique products. We work diligently throughout the production process, maintaining high standards of quality at every step to prioritize customer satisfaction. At The Beach, we aim to make a difference in beachwear fashion.

We combine originality and style with our own designs. Our collections are filled with vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and modern cuts, offering our customers a variety of options. With our products that reflect your own style, we ensure that you stand out on the beach. In addition to providing our customers with reliable products, there is also a significant advantage to our local production. By manufacturing in Bursa, we contribute to the local economy and make our high-quality products more accessible. Thus, we not only provide our customers with a unique shopping experience but also contribute to supporting local production.


High-quality and Original

At The Beach, we stand out with production and our own designs in Bursa. Leveraging our creativity, we produce high-quality and original beachwear.


The number of stores where you can access our products domestically and internationally varies depending on our distribution network and partnerships


The Beach

We bring together originality and style with our designs.

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